Its All In The Editing….

Now that I have passed the 1,000 post mark on this blog and have managed to get a regular and growing following I thought I would give you some “secrets”on blogging.  Even though I am just an ordinary guy and not a Pulitzer prize winner I think I have some wisdom to offer beginning bloggers.

  • I seldom write a post and then immediately release it — I typically start each post at least two weeks before it is released.  That gives me time to mull over just what I want to say.  Most often the body of the post is done in one or two settings and then revisited at least four or five times to make sure just the right words are chosen.  Editing, it is all about editing….
  • Almost all my posts are 500 words or less — Even though I am retired and have more free time than many  time is still valuable to me. Sometimes my time priority is simply an afternoon nap; sometimes it is for settling down with a good book. One thing that is part of my daily life is to go through all my usual news related websites and then through all the blogs I frequent. When I read in this mode the first thing I do is to casually browse the topic of the post and its length. When I come across what I see as excessively long posts I automatically shift into the browse mode often skimming over whole paragraphs at a time. Over the years it seems like five hundred words is the shifting point for me.  I don’t imagine I am unique in this way.
  • Keep it Respectful — My hero Will Rogers had a famous quote “I never met a man I didn’t like”.  Even though he poked fun at almost everyone he did it without spite or angry words. I try to treat everyone I talk about and all those who comment on my posts with a degree of respect. Hateful words, which seem so common today, are not part of my blogging strategy.
  • I try to limit my posts to one focused topic — Some bloggers seem to think that they can do a single post covering the history of the world! Some others aimlessly meander from topic to topic. I personally don’t have the patience for those types of posts so I try to stay focused on the topic of choice, sometimes unsuccessfully.
  • I often use quotes from Will Rogers and others — Will Rogers is my hero when it comes to writers. He had a way of bringing many topics down to their root level. He did that with a bit of humor and without bitterness or spite. That was a feat as most of his writing occurred during the worst economic disaster in our nation.  We all need heroes that point the way.

You can write the most inspiring things but if no one bothers to read them they are like a tree falling in the forest that makes no sound.

6 thoughts on “Its All In The Editing….

  1. I’m new to blogging (in English), maybe because the nature of my posts is more personal, I can’t imagine working on them for 2 weeks, or even 1 week. I very much agree with the length of posts – I don’t like reading long posts, so I try to keep them short myself.


    1. Welcome to the world of blogging alpheba. Yes, personal journal type blogs must by there nature be done almost by the day. But even those can stand some editing to make them flow better. I find that I usually write at least 600 words initially and then parse it down by editing unnecessary words or repeated thoughts.


  2. It is the hardest thing in the world to write in a clear and concise way using the least words possible. I would say all your careful editing and respectful handling of your posts is what raises this blog to a higher level than so many others out there.
    You’re probably tired of compliments but there ya go anyway!


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