Who Can I Trust?????????????

Here we are on the eve of election day and I am strangely somewhat calm. I have confidence that the people of this country will put the good of the country above partisan gain. To me it comes down equally between “who can I trust” and “who will promote the common good“. I, like many of us, have been watching Mr. Romney for months now and the thing that bothers me the most is how he has flipped on issue after issue.

  • He was against the UN and then he was for the UN.
  • As a governor he was for universal healthcare and now he was against universal healthcare.
  • As a governor he believed in global warming and now he no longer believes in global warming.
  • He was against a timeline pullout in Afghanistan and then he was for a timeline.
  • He was against the bailout of the auto industry and then he was in favor of it.
  • He wanted to shut down FEMA and now he wants to keep it.
  • He said 47% of us are freeloader and then he decided they we weren’t

This list could go on almost endlessly.  I would really like to hear from my Republican friends who plan to vote for him which version of his flip/flops do they believe is the real Mr. Romney? To them he must seem like a “cafeteria” president; pick and choose what you want him to be. Consistency is one of the most important characteristics needed in any job and especially in the most powerful job in the world. Consistency is just not Mr. Romney’s strong suit. He is all over the map on so many things.

The second issue is will he promote the common good? A big part of that is the safety net or taking care of the “least of these”.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ so that is very important to me as it was to Him.  Maybe the most important thing.

Mr. Romney was very fortunate to be born into a very affluent family. As a result I just don’t believe that he has any concept of what it means to struggle in life as many in his so-called 47% do. To him struggling means as he said “going off on his own” which translated to getting a fully paid Harvard education and then some  big startup dollars to begin his independent life.  He just has no concept of what it means to struggle day-to-day.

But in the end it all comes down to one basic question. Who can I trust??  Mr. Romney’s knee-jerk reaction to almost every significant event and his constant flip-flopping tells me I can’t possibly know who he really is and therefore just can’t trust him as my president. I have confidence that the voters in this country have seen that the Mr. Romney that we know from this political season is not prepared to take over the oval office.  I pray that the Republicans can put aside their obstructionist attitudes after tomorrow. The bible tells us prayers can move mountains so maybe they can even move political factions.

For all those who are not moved by anything I said above don’t forget the well proven fact that

“If you want to live like a Republican then vote like a Democrat!!!


    • Janette, I am sorry to see that you take such a low view of me. I take that as a pretty heavy insult! I have changed my mind very dramatically in some cases as I have become more informed.

      I was once a “me” guy who cared very little for anyone except myself. That changed drastically after I was “informed” about all the pain and suffering around me. Now altruism is the center focus of my life. I would call that change.

      I was once an “in the pew Christian every Sunday”. That changed after I was more “informed” about how the church I was attending and most churches in general today are more like country clubs than churches. I now call myself a follower of Jesus instead of a Christian and now give my Sunday donations to organizations that do what Jesus told us to do instead of hiding inside their church walls from the big bad world. That was a dramatic change due to being more “informed”.

      I changed as to considering Mr. Romney for the job after I saw flip after flip. I am not that really happy to see Obama have a second term but I found the alternative to be worse after I was more “informed”.

      Your insult here is very hurtful. You have no idea how I have changed over the years due to being more “informed”. I am not the selfish self-serving person I once was. I am not the man I used to be. I find it interesting that you result to insults instead of addressing any of my issues. Maybe you should consider that that says something about you my friend…. Don’t forget to vote tomorrow. I’m sure we will cancel each other out 🙂


  1. Interesting how politics bring out insulting remarks like nothing else. I was recently involved in a dialogue with my nephew (via Facebook) that started out as a conherent debate involving some of the topics above. He and his “friends” quickly resorted to nasty comments and posting graphs and charts and insulting website photos that supposedly support his staunch Republican views. He and his friends pretty much laughed at me and anyone stupid enough to endorse Obama. I too tried to explain that Obama is no panacea but the better than the alternative. Ultimately, I gave up. I’m not responding to any political bait from him any more. I had to remember that he is only 29 and cocky as all get out. Sometimes the only thing to do is retreat and hope they can mature and evolve into people who can discuss issues and compromise for the good of everyone.


    • Thanks Jane for the comments. I will be glad to get back to my normal posts on life in general, without so much politics soon. Politics just brings out the nastiness in some people. I think sometimes when someone can’t respond to a comment they turn to insults to shut down any possible dialog. It is occasionally nice to be able to have a civil dialog with those of opposing political views but that seems to be pretty rare today.

      We all know what it is like to be 29 and think you know everything. I was much like that myself. But, looking back on it I realize that age is the beginning of wisdom not the apex of it. I was a loyal Republican in those days and whether Janette agrees or not I became more “informed” and became a progressive independent. But then again, in those days Republicans were moderates; they started moving toward the fringe when Reagan came into office.


  2. Great post! This is my first comment on your blog, RJ, but I’ve been reading for about 2 years (since I retired). You and I are a lot alike. I, too, considered myself Republican in my working years but over time I realized how the party had changed. I could no longer support their selfish (I’ve got mine and I’m keeping it) attitude. As a fellow Christian I cannot for the life of me understand how so many here in the deep South support those attitudes under the name of Christianity. Most people I know here in “Red” country actually believe that a person cannot be a Democrat AND a Christian. They may not admit it, but they do. As for Mitt Romney’s flips, it makes me want to say, “Were you lying THEN or NOW? Must be one or the other.” Keep up the good work, RJ. I’m here in Georgia reading faithfully.


    • Welcome Don. I am so glad to see you come out of the shadows 😉

      Yes, it seems that you and I do share many beliefs and life experiences. It is always nice to know that there are others out there that think like you do. I too live in a very red State but probably with different prejudices. (We all have them but just different varieties) We certainly have our job setting them straight as to what is means to be a Christian. If you haven’t visited one of my other blogs at http://www.redletterliving.net you might find that one interesting also.

      Thanks for the compliments and come back often with your words of wisdom….


  3. I trust my instincts. I have found that my value system is still working. What do I think about Governor Romney. I think he is a good man that is still vetting his beliefs. That may be good in the ordinary person but the president needs to be clear about the foundation of his political beliefs.

    Unfortunately, they cannot have it both ways. The public knows if a candidate speaks out of one side of his mouth with one audience and the other side with another. The media is immediate and one cannot deny what is in a video.

    Jane’s experience has been mine. When she wrote, “He and his “friends” quickly resorted to nasty comments and posting graphs and charts and insulting website photos that supposedly support his staunch Republican views.” I could just hear the conversation. What is so disappointing is that nice people are not getting accurate information and are acting on that information. I don’t know how to overcome that.

    Thank you again RJ. You always open a good discussion.



    • Thanks for the comments Barb. Yeah, I am still vetting my beliefs too. Somethings change as I become more informed. As you say I think Mr. Romney is a well meaning person; it is just that he seems not to have any strong convictions about much of anything. If he did he wouldn’t be flip flopping as he does. Much of that is probably due to his advisers but isn’t that what a president uses to govern. He needs strong advisers but the final decision is his. Mr. Romney is just not ready….


  4. I’ve never been comfortable aligning with either party “D” or “R”, so I’m an Independent, which basically means I do not get to vote in primaries. So be it. There are things that I agree 100% on President Obama’s side, and there are things that I agree with 100% on Mr. Romney’s side. But I only get to vote for one. There is no candidate that represents my outlook on life in the U.S. Currently, for me, it’s President Obama 49% and Mr. Romney 51%. I do believe both men are capable of running the country. I’ll sleep on it tonight and see what it is in the morning. 🙂 I have, I think for the most part, stayed away from the fringes of either side. To me, that is where a lot of the ugliness is. Oh yeah and don’t forget, regardless of who wins, it’s only for four years!


    • Thanks Scott for your input. Yeah, its only for four years and given that whoever is POTUS the gridlock will likely continue so not much damage can be done. I’m glad you think you understand Mr. Romney on the issues; I just can’t figure the guy out therefore Obama will get my vote. Hopefully after he is re-elected he will be able to advance universal healthcare an inch or two and tackle containing the costs. If he gets that much done I will be happy.

      BTW… even though I also am an independent I can vote in either party’s primaries in my State. This time I chose the Republican so I could vote against a radical tea party candidate for the House in my district. She lost in the primaries, thank heavens.


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