In The US The Tail Often Wags The Dog

Let’s face it, it seems our world has become dysfunctional of late. ☹️ Nothing gets done that really makes any difference. It’s hard to be optimistic about the future right now. I kinda think it is because we let the tail wag the dog in way too many areas. Let me give you some examples: Mask Usage – There is still a significant minority of … Continue reading In The US The Tail Often Wags The Dog


The quote below got me to thinking about the “Common Good”. Does that term even mean anything now? Is Austerity now a permanent part of the world society? Austerity simply means a lack of investment by societies in themselves, in people, in public goods. Things like healthcare, education, transport, energy, retirement, decent jobs, incomes, savings. The problem is that all those things are what underpin … Continue reading Austerity

60 years of Political Gerrymandering

  What’s at stake, after all, is citizens’ representation in Congress. Partisan gerrymandering undermines the whole notion of a representative government. For proof, just look toward the lopsided seat distribution in the current Congress. SOURCE:  What 60 years of political gerrymandering looks like – The Washington Post. I don’t know if gerrymandering was a foregone conclusion when our democracy was formed. Everyone wants to take … Continue reading 60 years of Political Gerrymandering


Take an essay in The Daily Beast last week, in which Bronx-born culture critic Lee Siegel used the gun rights fight as one reason for the South to “Go ahead, secede already!” With secession, a “red-state nation, giddy with new mobility, could make the 1958 Chevy its official car … [and] it could arm all of its citizens, and thus relieve itself of the financial … Continue reading Secession…..

"Plays Well With Others"….. maybe??

Source:  Leaders of deficit panel say public’s confidence at stake – Since this is an optimistic post and I am short of optimism lately it will be a short one. In these times of total political gridlock it is nice to see at least some conciliatory words from the members of the “super committee”. These are the members of congress who have been assigned to come up with a plan … Continue reading "Plays Well With Others"….. maybe??

For the Common Good……

Since I am now pretty much boycotting things political, except to poke fun at them, I did not see the recent Republican presidential debates but I did read a few on-line articles about it. There are a couple of things that got my attention. The first thing is how so many of the candidates proudly boasted that they created jobs in their States.  This goes back to … Continue reading For the Common Good……