Living As Cheaply As The People……

What the government has got to do is live as cheap as the people.           21 December 1932  Will Rogers

Speaking about money not being wisely spent this morning got me to thinking about Will’s quote above. If you have read much on this blog you will know that I am a proud social progressive but also a fiscal conservative. In that light I certainly agree with Will here. Our government needs to learn how to live as cheap as its people. That doesn’t seem to be possible anymore. There is always that new model of military drone the DOD wants to buy in the thousands of course. There is always some other group including many corporations that need some type of incentive to provide jobs. Besides getting the drilling rights at gut cheap prices from government land the money bloated oil companies say they need more bucks to help them find the oil. But when it comes time to sell the oil they will only give it back to us at world prices! There is always someone with their hand out and our government can’t seem to keep their wallet in its pocket.

I know the fiscal “cliff” is supposed to be a bad thing but I kind of have trouble seeing it that way. We are spending beyond our means and that can’t go on endlessly. Some want to put the blame on us seniors. We just get too sick and demand too much healthcare. It is breaking the country they say. But why do they overlook the $ billions spent on needless wars? Why do they overlook the huge tax cuts they gave to the wealthiest among us? Why don’t they look to all the subsidies given to our corporations?

Sick Old PersonInstead of looking at any of these things their solution is to raise the eligibility age for Medicare as they think that somehow we will then get less ailments! They say that is the solution for our money problems. The trouble with all of this is that it appears, if you believe anything the media says, that President Obama is going to agree with them. But in doing so he is taking healthcare away from as many as he gave it to when we enacted Obamacare.  He seems almost ready to  put many seniors out on their own for two additional years.

Somehow we have got to get the government to live as cheap as the people. But putting the blame for our overspending on the grandmothers and grandfathers in the country is very misplaced.  If President Obama really believes in universal healthcare that would be the last place he should compromise for savings. But I fear that might not be the case. Unfortunately the “least of these” always seem to get hit first when it comes to budget tightening.