3 thoughts on “The Balance????

  1. What a sad commentary on our society. I KNOW there is nowhere perfect in the world, but I’ve been thinking lately that if it wasn’t for our few extended family members and the distance it would create from them, my wife and I would seriously consider moving to another country. There are many great places where millions don’t have this weird infatuation with killing devices.


  2. Just think what potential this country had to be something extraordinary…but no, with all our advantages and wealth we’ve manage to spoil it, corrupt it, abuse our freedoms, and we’re on a path to who knows what. Sorry, I’m very depressed today.


  3. It is not a very proud moment in our country. I don’t understand the obsession with guns either. People running to the nearest gun store to buy an AR-15 before they are outlawed! I am almost willing to bet that come a month from now all these lives will be forgotten and nothing will have changed.

    If not now when????????


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