Ignorance and Fighting….

The more ignorant you are the quicker you fight. 12 August 1929   Will Rogers

fightsI must admit that I am a wimp when it comes to fighting. The last time I had a physical fight was when I was about seven years old. I punched my best friend Johnny Gallagher in the nose. I don’t really remember the circumstance behind the fight but I think I was goaded into it by some other kids. That seems to be the way many fights are started.

I was devastated that I had actually hurt my buddy. I vowed then and there to never get in a fight with any one else. I have proudly lived up to the vow for the last sixty years.  I think this vow was the first time  in my life I was pointed toward Quaker beliefs. It would not be the last time that it would happen. I have come to thoroughly agree with Quaker views on non-violence as well as the “light of God” in all of us.
As usual Will got it right with this one. The more ignorant you are the quicker you are drawn into a fight. I try not to be ignorant about anything in life especially relating to violence. Ignorance to me means that you are simply uninformed about a particular topic or maybe even many topics if you are really ignorant 😉

Some people use ignorant and stupid as being the same thing but there is a very basic difference. You can cure ignorance by picking up a book and learning about those things you are unlearned in. But if you are stupid it means you are generally unable to understand the topic at hand even if you tried to learn about it.  I think most everyone is ignorant in one area or another but very few of us are stupid.

I try not to call anyone stupid but I often have no qualms in calling them, or even myself, ignorant when the word fits. Now I am going to get somewhat philosophical here so hold on.  Ignorance is generally caused by lazy minds which is the most serious topic there is for me. Lazy minds have gotten us in so much trouble in the world. It is just easier to spew out angry rhetoric about something we don’t understand than is it to take the time and effort to learn about it. We would not have all the wars, fights and division in this country if only we were not ignorant about so many things.  I am including myself in that group. Sometimes, even on this blog, I  lash out on things that I am ignorant on.  I need to get off my lazy mind (I know that is a different part of the body than you had in mind) and to learn more about what the person I disagree with is saying.

It’s just easier to get into a fight than to cure my ignorance.  So, Will your words finally sank into my ignorant mind as they usually do.

But I am just a simple guy so what do I know….


  1. Good morning Janette. I am going to say something here that might surprise you guys. I enjoy blood and guts movies. Just saw the Bourne Legacy and very much enjoyed it. Lots of action. I think for me and probably many others watching violence when you know it is make believe is a way to vent your own tendencies. I think we all have a dark side in that regard. But, unfortunately for others it could cause personal violence?

    I think football is probably a vent also in that regard for some. I gave up watching all sports about 15 years ago. I just think my time is better spent and to me sports is a net drain on our society. I won’t give you the reasons here for that belief. Maybe a post some time.


  2. After a career as a public school administrator (teacher, assistant principal and principal) I can personally vouch for the truth of this concept. Every student I ever dealt with who was a habitual “hot head” and “fighter” was on the ignorant end of the spectrum and was that way because he or she (yes, there were some girls) had not learned other options. AND, when I would then speak with the parent I would understand the whole story. The parent was almost always cut from that same cloth.


    1. Thanks for the comments Don. Yeah, like father like son…..

      Often times kids have only one example to show them how to be an adult and that is their parents. The kids therefore take up both the good and the bad from them. I smoked for over twenty years because I grew up around a father who smoked. When I was sixteen I wanted to show the world that I was an adult so I took on that filthy habit.

      I unfortunately had no children but being a parent would have been an awesome responsibility that I would have taken very seriously. It just amazes me how little thought some parents have relating to the future of their kids. They so freely pass own their own ignorance to their children. How to break that cycle I just don’t know….

      We need some good news soon. This world is just becoming too dark in recent weeks….


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