NRA Solution to Gun Violence — More Guns

Source:  NRA press conference: Put armed guards in schools (+video) –

Mr. LaPierre offered the NRA’s assistance in putting together safety programs in schools that include arming security personnel.

NRAVery  the long-awaited response from the NRA relative to the Newton Conn. massacre is more guns.   With the American flag on one side and the NRA flag on the other the NRA’s executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre also said that it was the media’s fault that guns are so misunderstood in the country today.

I was really hoping that this would be a crack in the armor and that the NRA would finally allow some common sense regulations of the firearms industry but of course all we got was the same old……  When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When all you care about are your guns then the solution always involves more guns.

I just pray that this round of violence is the one that puts the NRA on the back burner of today’s politics or even more hopefully off the stove entirely. When will all the sensible gun owners in this country finally realize the fact that the NRA does not represent their views? The rest of the world has already proven that when you regulate firearms murders go down significantly. If we don’t want to take advantage of other countries knowledge in this area at least we should look to New York City.

But then again guns don’t kill people do they….


  1. My last boss (before I retired) consistently reminded all of us to “follow the money” whenever there was a puzzling or amazing situation in an organization or in politics. He was right. For the narrow minded gun nuts–this really is about guns. But for the NRA, this isn’t really about guns. It is about money.

    And once again, EVERYBODY knows exactly what to do in schools to solve a problem even though they haven’t worked a day in one. Why is that? I don’t see other professions being constantly told what to do. And speaking of money, I wouldn’t be surprised if my own state of Georgia finds a way to force all local school districts to put an armed officer in every school–no matter the cost. Oh, and never mind that they don’t provide enough money right now to fund a quality education.


    1. “follow the money”… yeah deep throat told Bernstein to do the same and look what that uncovered. American greed is nothing new, it was even reported by Tocqueville in his book “Democracy in America” (I have always been fascinated by that outsiders look at our country). Americans have always been a greedy bunch. Don’t know why that is, I certainly am not (ha)…..


  2. Like you, based on the NRA’s earlier declaration to enter into meaningful dialogue to ensure something like Sandy Hook never occurred again, I was actually hopeful that they would put forward some sincere thoughts on what needed to be changed. As Mr. LaPierre worked through his speech, however, I literally began to feel nauseous, and had to ask my husband to turn off the radio and open the windows when he finished (we were traveling in our car at the time).

    I am so equally saddened and sickened I can hardly see straight. My only remaining hope is that Washington will move on assault weapon legislations sooner rather than later, while emotions are still raw and running high,


    1. I see that there are some women that are seriously trying to start a massive march on Washington soon. I hope they are successful. I think the only way to make something happen on gun regulations (or most anything else) is it must come from the grass-roots level. The gridlock in DC is just too severe for anything else. The GOP seem determined to gum up the works for just about everything now so I only give it a slim chance that even a handful of Republicans will act even with a million moms pushing them. We will see.


    1. Thank you Janette and the same back at you. I made a promise the the cook at the soup kitchen in June that I would get her a rare Christmas week off to be with her family. So, that is where I will be on Christmas this year. Since my wife and I have no family in the area it is a natural for us to be there when we celebrate Christ’s birth; doing what he told us to do…..


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