Your Actions Have Consequences….


Source: Lance Armstrong confesses to Oprah Winfrey about his doping – The Washington Post.

bicycle 2The network’s Scott Pelley also reported that Armstrong is in talks with U.S. Justice Department officials, who are weighing whether to join a whistleblower suit against him, about returning a portion of the roughly $35 million that the U.S. Postal Service paid his cycling team in sponsorship dollars.

I don’t follow sports much anymore but it is hard to not see that Lance Armstrong won a bunch of bicycle races that made him a multimillionaire and that he apparently won them because of drug use. It is also not hard to see that he has been denying those allocations for years but evidently the evidence is now so overwhelming that he is finally going to confess the truth. I also know that there are probably millions of cyclists out there that are totally disheartened by the fall of their hero. Now to see all those people out there, including our government, going after the money they gave him it also may strip him of much of his riches.

I think the lessons to be learned here are two-fold.

One is that we should not be putting people on a too high of a pedestal in our lives, especially those in the area of sports.  We have been shown time and time again that our sports heroes are no better than the rest of us. But, I think the overall damage caused by sports idols goes much deeper than just watching them fall off the pedestals we place them on.  I am sure that there are literally millions of kids out there that think that they don’t have to learn anything other than how to peddle fast, put a ball through a hoop, or hit one a long distance.  They put their hopes and all their dreams on being a super jock like their heroes. That is the most damaging part of sports to me.

The second lesson to be learned is that all our actions have consequences. Almost nothing we do in life is without them. Some are very minor and some are much more serious. The most damaging part of the whole Armstrong deal is that he went  for years absolutely denying his actions. It was only when they caught up with him that he finally admitted it.  That says something about his basic character. What does this do to the kids who idolized him? I just hope they don’t go on in life thinking that it is ok to do unscrupulous things as long as they don’t get caught?

We have to instill it in our youth that their actions have consequences in all areas of life….

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