About Those Budgets…


source: House to Vote on Short-Term Increase in Debt Limit – WSJ.com.

budgets1By including the requirement that a congressional budget be passed, House Republicans are acting on their frustration with the Senate, which hasn’t adopted a budget since 2009. Both chambers are supposed to pass one by April 15 each year, then reconcile their differences and pass a compromise. The government has been able to operate without a formal budget for four years only because that document represents non-binding guidance. Actual spending bills are written later.

I am going to surprise many of you by proclaiming that I agree with the above statement! It is about time that the Democrats live up to their constitutional duties and tell us where they want to spend our tax dollars. In some ways I agree that these guys are the party of “tax and spend” and that is ok as long as it is done responsibly.  We depend on our representatives in government to keep our infrastructure in place and to help those of us who temporarily need a hand.

I will admit that the GOP headed by Mr. Ryan put their cards on the table with budgets. But, I certainly don’t agree with his budget that gets balanced on the backs of the poor in favor of his rich donors. The Democrats need to produce an annual budget to tell us where they want to spend our dollars. To my liberal friends I’m sorry if I let you down by siding with the GOP on this issue. But, being a fiscal conservative I must admit that GOP gets it right once in a while.

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