The Best I Ever Saw….

But always remember this, that as bad as we sometimes think our government is run, it’s the best run one I ever saw.” – Will Rogers, 18 December 1932 

Sometimes the ever-present trollers who come across my blog have to scream and rant for me to just get out of the country if I hate it so much. To them if anyone has any criticism of the “Good Old USA” then somehow they are traitors to the country. But their rants often have the opposite effect on me.  They tell me that I got their attention with what I was saying and I must have hit a nerve as they took the time to rant.

I guess there are others who don’t feel comfortable saying anything negative about their country. To them that just seems unpatriotic or at least not loving your country.  I look at it the other way around. In order to keep our government on a righteous path we citizens need to constantly be on the guard against corruption and graft. In order to make the country better for future generations we need to criticize where criticism is needed. We need to make sure that the people who we choose as our leaders are the best possible and have high moral standards that we constantly measure them against.

So, even though you might see me criticize often on this blog I , like Will, think it is the best run country on earth and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. But, then again I probably don’t say enough good things about this country.  Maybe I should do that more often…..