Moral Elections……

When we start out trying to make everybody have Moral elections, why, it just dont look like we going to have Marines enough to go round.” – Will Rogers, 26 May 1928

After Mr. Bush discovered that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq he turned on a dime to say that he invaded Iraq so that the people would have moral elections.  It looks like that argument is older than I thought as here is Will’s quote from eighty-five years ago saying the same thing.  We didn’t have enough Marines this time around either. He ended up sending every able-bodied person he could find including those who are supposed to be guarding our nation. Those weren’t even enough so he hired “private contractors” at several times the Marine wage to do some of the necessary killing for him.

And look where that all got us.  We have an extra trillion dollars of debt, thousands of kids with missing limbs and still no moral elections in Iraq.  Just the same old sectarian fighting and violence as before.  When will we ever learn to keep our noses out of other countries business.