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Love1Often in life we think we are in love with something but it turns out that we were really in love with the idea of something. I currently think I am in love with RVing. It sounds like a freedom that I seek. But have I really thought out all the ramifications of being on the road for long periods of time?  Am I in love with RVing or just the idea of RVing? That is the question.

Many of us would love to be or do certain things in our lives but once we realize the efforts it would take to accomplish that love it becomes tarnished.  Several times in the last few years I have tried to jump-start my right brain.  That side of the brain is supposed to control our creativity. I think I would love to be an artist in one form or another. I would love to be able to draw things that don’t exist.  I have tried to take up sketching numerous times recently but I have finally come to realize that I just don’t want to do all the work it takes to be a good sketch artist.

I am creative but just not in certain areas. I think I do a pretty good job of composing photographs that I take. But, I have to realize that this talent came about because of all the study and efforts I put into it in the 1970s. I studied lighting and camera details. I know the effect of varying f-stops and shutter speeds. I took hundreds of pictures for the sake of learning the art of photography. In those days it was not as cheaply done as it is now. You had to take the picture and then have all the experiments developed before seeing the results.

I have always loved the idea of putting my thought down on paper so to speak. I have kept personal journals most of my life and I have been blogging, with one degree of success, for about five years now. I love writing about my experiences and views of life but again I must realize that my skills have developed over  years of practice.

Getting back to the original thoughts that started this post. I am in love with the idea of RVing but just what the primary reason for that potential love is still unknown.  Is it the freedom from home ownership? Is it not having a discrete, I might say boring, list of things that take up my time? Why do I love the idea of RVing?  I am currently taking some baby steps to try and discover why I am in love with the idea.

It is good to be in love with ideas of what you might be or want to be but we must realize that it actually takes hard work to accomplish those loves. Being in love with an idea is different from being able to actually accomplish a skill, art, compassion. You just can’t get away from the fact that much of what you might love will take hard work to accomplish….

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  1. I just read on Simple Tom’s blog that Albert Einstein said something like, “Place personal happiness on a goal rather than on an object or person.” I like to “plan” things, but am not always so good about the follow through. I have recognized that the planning of an event gives me much pleasure, but participating in the event does not always meet my expectations. Hmmmm. Amazing how having time to think about my internal self promotes the wanting to know more about what makes me tick. Thanks for your observant comments. Barb


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