The Knowledge Economy….

In a Washington Post Op-Ed piece Wednesday, co-founder Mr. Zuckerberg wrote that today’s “economy is based primarily on knowledge and ideas – resources that are renewable…. In a knowledge economy, the most important resources are talented people.”

Beyond helping to nudge the current debate, according to a statement released on Wednesday, the group’s goal is to “organize and engage the tech community in the issues where we can contribute to the national debate, on issues of vital importance to America’s ability to compete in the global knowledge economy.”…

The country does not have enough skilled workers to fill industry’s needs, he says, and it sorely needs a more sensible approach to keeping America competitive. “Silicon Valley can play an important role in getting that message out,” he says, “because small individuals or companies cannot get that message out, but a company like Apple or Microsoft can be heard.”

Source: Immigration reform: Can Mark Zuckerberg and friends deliver? –

Although my quote above doesn’t indicate it, the article above is primarily about how Silicon Valley has come out in the immigration debates. They indicate that there are simply not enough of our youth that have the desire, or maybe opportunity, to get an advanced education to fill the needs of a “Knowledge Economy”. So, if the U.S. is to remain competitive we need to allow those who are willing to do the hard work necessary to come to our country.

I also read all the statistics that show that a large percentage of our youth are not buying into the costs of a college education. They see so many college graduates on the unemployment lines to believe in the mantra of the knowledge economy.  I must admit that my college education put me solidly into the middle class  where I had never been before. I watched my father struggle throughout his life to make a living; often a back-breaking living. He sold chain saws, he drove a milk truck, he packed thousands of sand molds and poured white-hot metal in them.  He was fortunate to finally get a big time factory job during his later years that allowed him to retire on a little more than his social security payments. I watched my father struggle through life.

I have been thinking quite a bit about the history of America and how we are unique in so many ways. We are an independent people who like to make our own ways. We, even those born from milkmen, stubbornly ask why we can’t have life a little easier than our fathers. We seemed to have ambition where many others don’t. I am searching to find just what has made America great in the past in order to try to understand how we might gain back that edge that we seem to be losing.

I simply can’t take Mr. Zuckerberg’s stand that the answer to our national malaise is to allow more of the ambitious from other countries to come here to fill out our “knowledge economy” roster. Are our youth who will be the leaders of tomorrow not stepping up to the task or are we just making the path too difficult? Those thoughts are on my mind lately. I am earnestly looking for the soul of America.  More about that later….

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