Hitting the Nail on the Head….

Jim Wallis

But, virtually every night, I would also feel from those who came, along with that hunger, a very deep cynicism about social change even being possible. And when it came to Washington or Wall Street, the cynicism was overwhelming. Virtually no one trusts either our political system or marketplace to be fair, honest, moral, or even open to doing the right thing. Most Americans seem to believe that the primary institutions of our public life completely lack integrity. And sadly, that cynicism, for many, even extends to their churches or other religious institutions, which they don’t regard as playing an independent leadership role for the common good that could hold other institutions accountable.

Excerpt from the weekly email from Jim Wallis (6/20/13)

I have been emotionally down in the dumps for several weeks now. So, when I read the quote above from Jim Wallis on his “Hearts & Minds” theme they hit me directly in the face.  I couldn’t think of a clearer way to describe what I am feeling right now.

I have a deep hunger for the common good and social change in our seemingly quickly degrading world.  My cynicism is indeed overwhelming sometimes.  It just doesn’t seem worth a pittance to continue to do anything to effect any change. It just seems a waste of time. I have lost faith in Washington, Wall Street and yes, even some versions Christ’s church to some degree. All seem to have abandoned anything resembling the common good or even common sense.

Does that mean I have given up on life?  Hell NO!!  I have just given up on affecting any change via our current institutions. I need to step back and look seriously about how I, on a personal level, can put a glimmer of socially conscious light in myself and maybe even those who might read my words.  I need to get back to my roots, to a simpler time to make sense of the world today.  It is not about Washington, Wall Street, or even the institutional church. It is more about how I treat my fellow-man and what I do with the gifts the Lord has given me.   All that stuff in Washington and Wall Street is as Will Rogers says is applesauce. That is it is nonsense.  I hope to never lose sight of that  fact……