Starry Eyed…

Refuse to be EnemiesI know many think of me as one of those starry eyed liberals who doesn’t have any sense of reality. With this post I will probably cement that vision with many of my more conservative friends. But what would happen if we just refused to be enemies with those our leaders dictated us to hate.  What would happen?

Let’s look at maybe the worst leader in that regard in the twentieth century. What would have happened it the German people had refused to invade their neighbor in 1938? Would Hitler’s power have been erased?

What would have happened if people had refused to hate everyone except other white folks? Would the KKK have had the power they did?

It is a well known fact that all of the people we in the U.S. have been told to hate now are our friends in one degree or another.  What if we had refused to be enemies in the first place.   All of the lives lost being enemies with German, Japan, Italy, Viet Nam, and even USSR would have been saved. How many Einsteins or Edisons, our Curries were lost in those wars.

Many say that almost all the wars we have fought in the world’s history has been religious based in one degree or another.  But as I read about religions one of the most common foundations is to love one another.  What if we were spiritual first and political/social second? What if we all lived by the religious beliefs we say we cling to?  If we actually listened to God we would have many more plowed fields than buried soldiers.

I have to admit that this post is pretty starry eyed. It seems impossible for any of us to truly live by the spiritual principles we go to war over.  And that is a very sad thing….

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