4 thoughts on “Down on the Farm…..

  1. Unbelievable.
    Truly- unbelievable.
    It made me go out and buy a whole bunch of ceral for the food bank. Ours is almost empty at the beginning of the school year!


    1. On behalf of your local food bank thank you. I volunteered at our local one for a couple of years before I went to the soup kitchen. I know that are all struggling to meet the ever increasing need.


  2. I went from soup kitchen to food bank 🙂 . My town does not have a soup kitchen- my last town did. I wonder what it would take to open one? Does yours stand separately? The summers here are brutal for food.


    1. Yes, Backstreet Missions ( http://backstreet.org ) is an independent organization. They don’t get any government funding and are not affiliated with any particular Christian denomination. It can be done but I’m sure it is a lot of work.


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