planning“Plans get you into things but you got to work your way out.” – Will Rogers, 25 June 1931

Be careful you might just get what you plan for. I seem to have to learn that lesson over and over again through my life. I am a planner to my soul. When I was six years old you could often find me out on the dewy grass on a summer night staring at the stars and wondering/planning what my future would look like.  And for the next sixty years I have continued to the same thing.

In my very early years I played out scenarios, even though I did not know that was a word back then, on where I might be heading. But one of the most fundamental problems in my life is that I have never seemed to come to a final conclusion about my fate. I seem to still be stuck in “what do I want to do when I grow up” mode. So,  I guess I am a pretty good planner on the non-foundations things but not so good at the more important stuff. Maybe I am a more serious procrastinator than I am a serious planner.? 🙂  I have probably made thousands of unplayed plans in head throughout my life. But, there were many that happened; some good and some not so good.

Looking back over the last six decades, I am very glad that I am a planner. It made me excel in some areas of life, particularly the information technology field that I chose as my second career. Without good plans software turn into “garbage in – garbage out”.  In some areas my plans have gotten my into trouble from time to time. I found, like you said Will, that I had to work my way out.  Sometimes my plans were just too grandiose; but most times  they were just not challenging enough to encourage constant growth.

In my senior years I have learned to back off a little with my obsessive planning and just let things happen.  I currently have a project of turning my 20+ year old truck into a micro-RV. This is a long term and unplanned project. I do what I feel like doing on any particular day. I have learned that free styling has its advantage sometimes. I try to live in the moment more than I have at any other time of my life. Maybe I will get into less trouble that way. Who knows??