Just Here For A Spell…

old person laughingWe are just here for a spell and pass on. . . so get a few laughs, do the best you can. . . Live your life so that whenever you lose, you are ahead.” – Will Rogers, 5 July 1931

I have been reading some new blogs lately. One is supposedly among the top twenty in the world, and I see much in the way of despair and futility. One makes the claim that since the universe is billions of years old and we humans only manage to live less than a century in it so anything we might do is totally meaningless. The conclusion the blogger then comes to is that each of us therefore just needs to do whatever makes us happy; nothing else but self really matters. This self-centered approach is, unfortunately, become pretty dominant in today’s “what’s in it for me” world.

There is nothing wrong with being happy during our time on the earth but when it takes total, or even majority, focus it becomes worse than dangerous. I lived some years of my life with an extreme narcissist. Everything was always about her. Even when she did occasionally do something for someone else she made sure that everyone knew it and therefore knew how important she was.  I’m sure that this exposure, especially at a very young age, drove me to the opposite end of the spectrum and that is probably a good thing.  I am totally at peace with myself in that regard and although I was greatly troubled by the extreme self-centered focus at the time, it did make me a better person. There is truth in the phrase that what does not break us makes us stronger.  I am getting off the intended focus of this post so that is enough of this.

When I recently re-read the quote from Will above I was about to pay my annual property taxes on our homestead. His quote made me realize that the land I currently hold title to really doesn’t belong to me.  When I die it will go into my estate and will most assuredly be sold to someone who I have never met.  I only hold onto my small part of heaven on earth for a little while and then it will be passed on.

The second part of this quote, “get a few laughs, do the best you can” has been a central theme of my life, especially the later part of it. Sometimes it doesn’t show through on this blog but I always try to see the humor in my circumstances. I try not to take myself, or anyone else for that matter, too seriously.  Making light-hearted fun of people, especially myself, is just one of the ways to get some pleasure from life.

In most things I also try to do the best that I can.  Of course, I am like most a lazy cuss so sometimes my best is not nearly enough to affect anything around me.

Ok Will, here is another salute to you. You help me live my life so that whatever I lose I still come out ahead…..