We all want to change the world

?????????????????????????It’s my honest opinion that we all want to leave our mark on this world. Some of us may not recognize this urge, but we all want to change something, to alter things, to create something that will last longer than us. Even if it is a scar. Yes, there are plenty out there who just want to inflict pain, because that’s the only thing they can do. Or the only thing they think they can do.

SOURCE:  We all want to change the world « Cristian Mihai.

Once again my young Romanian blogging friend got me to thinking on a deeper level and that is a good thing.   I think one of my major laments is that what I accomplished in my working life is already on the dust heap of time.  Technology has moved generations beyond what I developed so my mark on the world of thirty years in the corporate sphere has already been erased. You might find some of my inventions in museums but that is about all.

I am still holding out hope that I will put at least a small dent during my existence. Who knows where that will come from. From my recently started series here on “Don’t Get Stuck” it might be showing myself as an example of how not to do things. Or maybe it will be at least on occasion will be something that others deem wisdom and take to heart. Wouldn’t that be something from such a simple guy as myself?

Most of us want to leave a mark on the world but some, of which I know one intimately, just want to get by with as little notice as possible.  I’m sure that approach makes life easier and maybe even more joyful.  Most of us just want to be noticed. Unfortunately there are those who accomplish notoriety by some horrendous act. Many with their gun of choice. Since guns are so freely available to any of us in this country that becomes too frequently the tool of choice. They will go down in history and it probably matters little to them the context of the note.