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Medicare CardJust a quick note to say I just watched a video of a town hall meeting opposing Obamacare. There was an elderly lady who ranted on and on about it. She was totally convinced that if we allow it to be implemented that it would certainly cause the downfall of the entire country.  She finished with the following statement. “I realize that Obamacare does not directly affect me but I just want to make sure that we keep the government out of my Medicare!!”

They didn’t show if anyone had bothered to tell her that Medicare is a single payer system run exclusively by the government. Of course this just goes to show how so many on the radical right and particularly Fox News have distorted the reality of the Affordable Care Act.

I also reviewed some of the things that happened in 1965 when Medicare was enacted.  It is amazing to see the similarities with today. Most Republicans were, like today, adamantly against that too.

6 thoughts on “LOL Moment….

  1. Hi RJ,
    We just returned from a 7,600 mile trip “East” and back to West Coast. We were briefly in Indiana (toured Lincoln’s boyhood home near Christmas)–thought of you–beautiful country. I look forward to reading your blog–enjoy your information and insights. Thanks, Barb


    1. Welcome back Barb. We did a “West” trip like that a few years ago. Ours was a little over a month and about the same miles. It’s was great to get away and see so much of this great country but returning home was also a great pleasure.


  2. I took several hours to explain to my mother that Medicare WAS socialized medicine that she was able to purchase further insurance to avoid. I then asked why it was more important to remove cataracts from an 80 year old’s eyes then her 60 year old son- who did not have the insurance to cover it?
    A light went on. We have not discussed it since 🙂


    1. Hi Janette, are you saying she opted out of Medicare by purchasing further insurance to avoid? Or does that mean that she has Medigap, like most of us seniors, to take care of part of the 20% not covered? From what I have been able to discover Medicare is a very well liked system. I know it is much simpler to manage than the private insurance it replaced.


  3. I think it’s so ironic that right now, as I type, the Republicans are “protecting” us from a healthcare law that “Americans clearly don’t want” by shutting down the government, at the same time that I can’t even get into my state’s on-line health insurance exchange because of overwhelming response. We don’t want it, really?


    1. I guess the Tea Partiers who are causing all this havoc don’t believe in the capitalist system of supply and demand. If we don’t want it they they won’t buy it and then it will go away. What the conservatives are really afraid of is that it will be like Medicare is and popular almost beyond imagination. When that is proven they will have a hard time indeed in getting rid of it. But at least it will give them something to do. Trying to kill Medicare, which is what they have been doing for 50 years now, is even to them not possible. But maybe they can still voucherize it!! (ha).

      Good luck getting into your State exchange. I hear for those that don’t live in BRIGHT red States the costs are much lower than on your own. But if you live in Wyoming forget it. Their State exchange is three times the national average. I wonder why 😉


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