Diversity Is More Than Race….


To some the word diversity is a threatening one but I hope most of us realize that as a nation and even a world diversity is to be celebrated. It means that we are different from each other. It means that we have different approaches and perspectives to life. It means that it is not a boring vanilla world but a multi-colored rainbow. 😉

To many, if not most people, diversity means different races of people. But another big part of diversity, at least in my mind, is our physical condition. I like to think that as a deaf person I  add to the diversity of our world.  There are only a couple of million of us in the U.S. We add knowledge that others without our condition can never fully understand. Another part of diversity certainly includes our social standings. Diversity is more than about the color of our skin.

Diversity is about each of us being interested in different things.  Some enjoy music and even among that group some like opera, some like rap, some like rock-and-roll and maybe there are even a few more like me who like folk music.  Some of us are more creative than others even to the point of being considered eclectic if you will. Diversity is just being different from each other. It is something to be enjoyed. It is something to be celebrated.  We should never fear someone simply because they are different from us.

But I’m just a simple guy so what do I know….

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