Getting Shocked Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

comfort zoneFor this post I thought I would focus on a cultural topic. Let’s face it none of us are totally comfortable with change. Some of us see it as a nuisance, some as a threat, and fortunately many of us see it as an opportunity. Since we live in an ever-changing world how we face change often determines the root level of happiness in our lives.  When we get too comfortable with our current situations we leave ourselves open to complacency and that often leads to stagnation.

When I went deaf over twenty-five years ago a lot of things changed for me. I was definitely shocked out of my comfort zone. It meant a basic change in my career. I was very fortunate to have an employer who allows me that opportunity. Being one of those who are physically handicapped gave me a perhaps oversized portion of empathy for others. These changes while being stressful at the time actually resulted in a happier life. I finally got into a career path that was more pleasure than chore.  It took my fundamental emphasis away from myself and instead direct it to those who have life even harder than me. I found my purpose in life in that regard. I’m not sure any of that would have happened if I weren’t shocked out of my comfort zone. I, like most of us, was just too comfortable there to face the amount of change that eventually occurred.

Being shocked out of your comfort zone leads you to being the next version of you. Don’t always look back at the person you thought you were going to be. Instead look deeply at the person you want to be and take some uncomfortable risks to make that person a reality.  We should all  be panicked on a regular basis in our lives or we will not be pushing ourselves forward.

Here is an interesting idea, instead of being pushed out of your comfort zone try taking a self-appointed leap once in a while. I think you will be happy you did….

2 thoughts on “Getting Shocked Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

  1. I love the graphic.

    Actually you gave me an idea for a post: it shouldn’t be called a comfort zone, it is really a stuck zone. Nothing much happens until we take a step out of that self-built box. We may stumble or fall, but isn’t that how we know we are alive?

    Glad you got your head out of the sand (!) and are back with us.


    1. It is always a good feeling to give a fellow blogger an idea for a post. Yeah, comfort zone does have maybe a too cozy feeling, stuck zone has a more negative feeling that is needed.

      Yes, it is nice to see something besides a dark hole… 🙂


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