3 thoughts on “Smallest In Almost 50 Years….

  1. I wonder what the % of money spent by the Federal Government against the total economy is today vs.the % it spent in 1966. I really don’t know and wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t also smaller. However, the money spent by the Federal Government is probably a more appropriate measurement of their “size” within the context of our economy than the # of people they use to spend that money. Mike


  2. Year Executive branch civilians (thousands)
    Uniformed military personnel (thousands)
    Legislative and judicial branch personnel (thousands)
    Total Federal personnel (thousands)
    Year Exec. Milit L&J Total
    1966 2,726 3,129 33 5,888 thousand
    We got to 6,575,0000 in ’69 at the height of the war
    The smallest looks like:
    1999 2,687 1,386 63 4,135
    2000 2,639 1,426 63 4,129 including census workers
    2001 2,640 1,428 64 4,132 ”
    Last published by OBM
    2012 2,697 1,551 64 4,312 thousand

    How many contractors do you think were in 1966 vs 2012?
    Stats- they are fun aren’t they? https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/data-analysis-documentation/federal-employment-reports/historical-tables/total-government-employment-since-1962/#note2 Internet—it is an amazing place to check stats!
    Do you think the government needs to be larger? Which part?


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