The Power of Oneness….

LonerI have never really been much of a team player. I was just too much of a loner during my early years. That and an irrational sense of inferiority kept me from even attempting to belong to a team. I just didn’t take marching orders very seriously. Team speak was against my very nature.  How did that affect my life, at least in the first sixty years or so? That is what this post is mostly about.

During my early years I seemed to march to a different drummer so to speak. When someone would tell me I must do something because that is how it has always been done I tended to rebel against that action for that very reason.  I wanted to know  why I should do something and not just trust others that I must do it. “WHY” has always been a central theme of my life. I never outgrew it as most seem to do.

Being a loner was well, lonely once in a while but I decided that is just who I was. I was that contemplative kid who would spend hours on a summer night on my back looking up at the stars and dreaming what I would be doing in the future.  I was different from many kids around me and didn’t really know why. Maybe it had to do with being abandoned by my mother at the early age of nine. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I grew up without the female perspective in my life.  I just didn’t trust others after that point in time. Being a loner has many advantages as well as a few disadvantages.

Creativity is not a team event. It almost always occurs to a single individual. Design by committee (team) is usually considered a derogatory phrase meaning anything designed by a group is most likely inferior to that dreamed up by a single mind. The power of oneness thrives in the creative sphere. When at an early age, I read the biography of Einstein and found out he was a loner like me I was encouraged that maybe this condition was not as bad as I might have imagined.

My creativity is one of those areas that I don’t think would be as prominent in my life if I had been more of a team player. I am a creative person in some regards but not in others. I wish I was able to draw and paint at a creative level. There are many areas of creativity that I stumble with and that frustrates me to some degree. Writing is not one of them. It has always come very easily to me. That creativity I celebrate almost every day.

The power of oneness is enriching.

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