Till Somebody Shoves Us….

2014-05-05_11-07-26“We are living in an age of ‘urge.’ We do nothing till somebody shoves us.” – Will Rogers, 25 February 1931

Some things never change. We still do practically nothing until someone shoves us. Lets face it, there are just too many of us who are so stricken with fear of change and isn’t change the name of the game lately? We let a few very vocal others do our talking for us so that all we need to say is “ditto”.  It takes someone or something to shove us to get us out of our static positions.

One of those stubborn positions is global warming. When will the nay-sayers be finally shoved? Will it be too late to really do much about it? The other area where so many of us need a very severe shove is in our politics. We let one party totally obstruct anything positive from happening simply because the president is of the opposite party. Then since so little was accomplished  we will vote the obstructionist into office in even greater numbers! Sadly some of us need a BIG BIG shove in so many areas today.



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