Would Jesus Support Execution???

2014-05-08_10-23-56The governor still spoke to the group, and was asked publicly how he reconciles the death penalty with his faith, especially given the fact that less than 5% of Americans think Jesus would support execution. It was refreshing that he didn’t have a good answer. It made you think he might not sign the warrants, that he might come to the conclusion of other governors have — that no human being should have that much power over life and death. SOURCE:  Shane Claiborne: TN Death Row Invites Governor to Pray with Them | Red Letter Christians.

I have always been uncomfortable with the phrase “What would Jesus do”. Jesus is God and therefore has a totally different look on things than we do. I can’t hope to do even a small percentage of the things that “Jesus would do”. But I can ask the question “What did Jesus say about this?” When it comes to ending a human life he was pretty darn clear to leave that up to God.

Instead I cling to “Do what Jesus would have us do”. What did Jesus teach us about living on this earth? I have been asking that question many times when it comes to our public attitudes and concerns. Things like global warming, putting a safety net under our neighbors, and yes capital punishment.

I have my own personal opinions of what Jesus taught us. I will leave it up to you to do the work to find your own answers to this question…