Shaker Village…

2014-02-23_11-30-18Pleasant Hill is one of my favorite living history sites. I have been there probably a dozen time and stayed overnight in one of the restored common dwelling building on four or five occasions.  I am just fascinated with religious communities of the past. I seek them out whenever we travel. Pleasant Hill is located near Lexington Kentucky. It is a restored Shaker community. Being a lifelong fan of Shaker furniture is what originally attracted me to this site but the story behind the village and its past inhabitants is what keeps me coming back.  That and the totally serene nature of the site.  When I am just too filled with the world today I yearn to return there for some peace and comfort. Click on the graphic to the right to go to their website. Since I have literally hundreds of photos on every aspect of the village this will not be the last time we visit Pleasant Hill on this blog.


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