An Audience of One….

2015-03-25_16-49-25Those of us who blog have many tools at our disposal to see just how many people are reading what we write. Those statistics are always lurking on the edges of the page we use to generate our daily posts. They seem to be whispering “look at me”. How can we not do push the buttons?

There are also hundreds of books out there telling you what you need to do to increase your post visits. They tell you to blog about niches where others don’t and you will be toward the top of the search engine listing in that category. They tell you how to add tags and such to increase your site’s chances of being found. I admit that I do pay some, probably too much,  attention to these things. After all we all want to know that someone is taking the time to read what we write. For those so inclined there is a lot of emphasis about getting your post counts up so you can make more money via advertisements on your site.

It all comes down to why we blog.

Do we do it for money?

Do we do it for fame?

Do we do it to get a point across?

Do we do it for fun?

Do we do it for ourselves?

I believe I do blog to a degree for the last three reasons.  I want to convince as many as possible that looking at things from different angles will allow us to make better choices.  For that reason I do become somewhat discouraged when some posts that I think is awesome in that regard gets less views than one I simply jotted down in a minute. Sometimes I just fall in love with my own words a little too much.

But I also blog just because I like to play around with “words”. Saying things just the “right” way is a challenge to me and I enjoy when I think I get it just right. So in that regard I do it for myself and post count shouldn’t matter…

2015-03-25_16-21-53I admit that I do get discouraged when only a few visit my page on a given day. That is especially true when I see some of the blogs I visit have many times more viewers than I do.

But then I look at all this from a different angle. Thomas Jefferson was perhaps our most prolific founding father. His library was the foundation for our current library in congress. He spent his post-presidency years reading, studying, and writing. I have several books on my bookshelf behind me and on my Kindle reader to attest to the fact that he wrote thousands of letters and personal journals that were never read by more than a handful of people during his life.  Was he discouraged that more people did not read what he wrote? I don’t think so.  He wrote because he had to, it was just part of his nature.  I like to think I do the same thing so I have to get over my sometimes obsession with post views and to appreciate the fact that, unlike Jefferson, I always have more than an audience of one…


  1. RJ. I blog for the same reasons you do. Just to have some fun and express myself. I often have no visits too my blog. It is nice to have others read what I write. But in all truth, writing itself is enough. I figure that some time in the next 1000 years an historian will come across my stuff and say, “Oh my! This guy was a genus”. Until then….


    • I am on the road right now which caused the delayed response here. Sorry everyone. I hadn’t thought about a thousand years from now but you are probably right. The future search engines will likely be thousands of times more powerful than now..

      I get a fair share of view but it never seems enough. I guess I am kind of like the 1% in that regard. There is never enough money or never is views…


  2. RJ – I don’t know what motivates you to be so prolific and i don’t know how others look at your blogs but….I hope you continue to do so for I appreciate your perspective on issues.


    • Hi Mike, it is good to hear from you. I think I will be doing this for some time in the future. It is just part of me now. As far as being prolific, I guess I just can’t seem to shut my brain down as I am always thinking of different ways to do whatever I see or read.

      Thanks again for the compliments. I also enjoy your comments here. they always add a fresh perspective to my posts…


  3. I often read your blog and appreciate it. I reach it through Bob Lowry’s blog so I see the subject without clicking on it. The subject is often political and most of the time I avoid political blogs although I have gotten some good information from you on controversial subjects so sometimes I make an exception for you. We often disagree, but even then you make very good points. I really like your Mind’s Eye blog and your red letter Christian blog. Keep it up RJ.


    • Hi Judy, it is nice to know I am appreciated. 🙂
      I try to avoid the political stuff but it covers such a wide spectrum it is hard to avoid. My biggest problem with the political scene is that one of the parties, I’ll let you figure out which one, just doesn’t seem to have much empathy for poor folks or those who have hit some rough times.

      Whenever you don’t agree with something I say I would love to hear about it from you. Sometimes my “different way of thinking” can stand some tweaks…

      I like my “My Minds Eye” too it forces me to think and practice creativity. The RedLetter Living blog was a long and arduous five year study for me but I learned a lot from it. I do appreciate all those who still find it even if it has been inactive for quite a while now…


  4. I blog for the same 3 reasons that you stated. Although I regularly spend a great deal of time and effort crafting my blogs, I have never regarded it as a waste of time. I enjoy writing on important political issues and reading the informed thoughts of others – your own blog is an important part of that. As a soon to be retired university prof. I I take pleasure in the thought that even after retirement I can still regularly have a room-sized audience (from around the world!) following my commentary. It’s in my blood, and I have no desire to stop due to retirement. Keep up the good work. There is no reason to judge your efforts negatively solely by the size of your audience.


    • Welcome Political. Yeah it does sound like we are very much the same in our blogging views. I retired from the corporate world as an IT (information tech) guy fifteen years ago and just couldn’t shut down my brain even it I wanted to.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I don’t have a large audience, at least by some comparisons, but I do think I have a pretty loyal one and appreciate everyone of them.


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