My Take On The World

QE BannerFirst off I hope you are enjoying the new and expanded view from RJ’s Corner. Its kind of more a neighborhood now than just a corner but that’s the way it is.  Its fun to be able to put all my posts in one place. Let me know how you like the new format and anything that would make it better. I have been doing some serious maintenance on the site for the last week or so and that is why recent postings have dropped.  I hope to finish that up this weekend and will then start posting on a more regular basis.

2015-08-07_08-41-01There is so much to talk about recently that it is hard to decide what to tackle. The Republicans just had their A-team and B-team debates and of course Donald was the star of the show. I guess it is totally appropriate that Fox News which is the epitome of conservative fringes hosted the debate and I’m sure that many of their loyal viewers, even though it went on beyond their bed times, tuned in.  As for the rest of us… well let’s just say we have other higher quality comedies to spend our time with. It looks more like a three ring circus than anything serious.  I will wait until the “ready for prime time” players have been decided before I even think of watching all those yahoos..

Ok, lets move on to some more serious stuff. Of course the latest is about the Middle East and our dealings with Iran. Was the deal that was worked up with them worth anything? I don’t know but it is better than charging into another trillion dollar war that too many of our young people would die in.  Does anyone really believe that the Iranians will drop a nuclear bomb on Israel? I’m sure even they can see that would be a suicidal thing to do. Yeah, they might be able to make a couple of bombs but just look around the neighborhood and you will find hundreds of them in close by countries.  Drop one and be assured that ten times that many are used on you. Does that make any sense even for the whacko clerics that run that country??

2015-08-02_13-21-01But looking at the bigger picture, I still can’t figure out why we are so fixated on that part of the world? We now have all that shale oil to process so doing without Middle East oil would not be a terribly burdensome thing. ISIS is a threat but what if we just let them have their own theocracy as they want.  As long as they only played with themselves and promised not to bother us, would that be a bad thing?  After all isn’t Israel a Jewish Theocracy and the world hasn’t ended  in the last sixty years because of that one. I got a radical solution to all these constant issues over there, just get out as my hero Will Rogers would say…

I know that Jon Stewart just retired so maybe I am trying in some minute way to fill the void here… 🙂