Looking Back…

2015-12-11_13-28-53.pngHere it is the end of another year and time to look back to how I spent it.  So here goes:

Blog wise I made a decision about mid year to start things over again. It might not have been too obvious to some of my readers here but I abandoned my old blog of five years and moved it here in order to start fresh. I also wanted to incorporate the five blogs I was then running into one and to do some basic changes.  With that decision I left 300+ hard won followers on the old site. Some followed but many didn’t and in some ways that was a good thing. I now offer a much more varied content of posts that I enjoy creating more and I hope you guys enjoy them too.  I believe this new place more accurately reflects who I am and how I feel about things.

2015-08-07_13-42-40In looking back at my 2015 “To Accomplish” list from the start of the year I found that I actually did about 80% of the items on that list. Many were aligned with doing a more freestyle type of living. Less structure has meant more freedom to go with the flow and after some initial pain I am a happier person now.  I have always been a list maker so giving that up was not easy. I also vowed to do more “out of the box” thinking and be more creative.  I think I accomplished both at least on some level.

2015-12-11_13-37-15.pngI vowed to somehow suffer less depression than I have in previous years and I am glad to proclaim that has happened.  I just don’t fret as much about  things in life that I can’t really control anymore. I don’t let things get me down as much now.  That doesn’t mean that I quit think, talking, and especially writing about them here on RJsCorner but now I put that into a new perspective.

uRV-crop.pngI have spent about three years taking my old pickup truck with its over sized cap on the back and turning it into my personal micro-RV (uRV).  When I announced to my wife that I would be taking frequent overnight trips in it to do my own thing she was not thrilled about it. She even made the comment “I guess our marriage is over then!” But after some reflection she grudgingly accepted that I needed some time to myself to pursue things that she is simply not interested in. I took a few trips this year and will do that even more frequently in 2016. I think our marriage is actually healthier as a result.

2015-12-11_13-45-09.pngOne of the big accomplishments for 2015 is that I managed to get my wife on board with taking a vacation to Disney World. Up till now she has been adamantly opposed to the idea. For some reason she just doesn’t like Florida and thought that Disney World was for kids and not “old” people. I think she now acknowledges that she married a kid who is still a kid even in his seventh decade of life.  So next Spring I will be doing some extended reports here about my experience with the make-believe world of Disney.

It has been a good year, a healthy year and even though I will not be making out a New Years list this year I look for 2016  being even better.

I wish you all a happy, satisfying, and hopeful 2016…



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