There Will Always Be Sob Stories…

I see in the debates how the GOP candidates for president constantly comment about how bad things are.  I wish someone would ask them point blank whether they think things are worse now than when the last Republican president left the Oval Office?  It would be very interesting to see how much spin they could put on that question.

In that same light, it is a strange dichotomy how Wall Street is so anxious to get rid of Obama and put another conservative in the White House. During the eight years of the Bush administration the stock market went for 11,000 to below 8,000. Whereas during that same period of time for Obama it went from 8,000 to 18,000. Maybe my math is defective but it seems like they made a lot more money from the latter than the former so why are they so anxious to go back to the Bush years?

Getting to the title of this post, the GOP wannabes say they hear all the pain and suffering in the population and want to do something about it. But what they want to do is what caused most of it to come crashing down eight years ago.  Of course that immediately brings to mind the old saying”

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

But maybe even more insane is how so many people seem to believe their rhetoric! My hero Will Rogers said that anyone who gets all his news from one newspaper is an idiot. It seems most of those who immediately fall in line with whatever these guys say is probably among that group of idiots, except that now it is one cable news channel instead of a newspaper.

Yeah, I know that there will always be sob stories from at least a few but it is kind of like all those reviews for products found on Amazon. Many, if not most of the worst reviews come from the competitors of the product being reviewed. They want to drive sales to their own products. And then there are those in the opposite direction.  There will always be sob stories but if you want to understand the overall picture you need to throw out the worst and the best and look at all the in between.