An “In Your Face” World…

2016-01-31_09-50-12.pngYou know the type, a guy who has to get in your face and scream to make a point. Kind of like the drill Sargent in the marines if you believe the TV hype. I personally have never been that type but  if you cruise the Internet much and especially if you expose yourself to the comments section of most news articles it seems that the rest of the world has gone in that direction. They think they have to scream and rant in order to get their point across or maybe just to get the attention they want.  They are looking for their fifteen minutes of fame wherever they can find it. Are we becoming an “in your face” country?

Another way of asking this question is have we lost the sense of civility?  Before I proceed any further I want to make sure you understand where I am going so here is the definition of civility at least according to Wiki…

Civility is the action of working together productively to reach a common goal, and often with beneficent purposes.

Some definitions conflate civility with politeness, which suggests disengaging with others so as not to offend. The notion of positively constructive civility suggests robust, even passionate, engagement framed in respect of differing views.

In his call for restoring civility, Pastor Rick Warren said, “In America, we’ve got to learn how to disagree without demonizing each other.”

I admit that I probably live in a narrower life than many others. Most of my daily activity is solitary in nature. Since I had to give up my soup kitchen activities last year due to health issues I just don’t regularly see any other human being other than my wife and the many doctors I seem to visit on a monthly basis. 🙂  Most of my daily activity is now Internet based or just taking care of the two and a half acre homestead. Given this fact I may have a too narrow view of the world. But it seems that civility is quickly being lost.  There is just too much screaming and not enough thoughtful dialog going on between us.

Is it still possible in today’s world to discuss differing ideas  without demonizing each other? Is the “in your face” nature of this country now the new normal?

That is the question of the day for me.