As I Get Older…


Getting old it not for sissies!


This is a saying that all of us over 60 know well. You might say 70 or even 80 but eventually it becomes a reality for all of us. I often say that after I turned 60 my warranty expired as that is when physical things started to go wrong.  But that is not the topic for this post. Instead it is about the Joys of life and how they become more intense as we age.

That might be a surprising statement to some but after I explain I suspect you will be agreeing with me. 🙂 To me dreaming is a means to escape the mundane of daily life into a place of peaceful bliss and serenity. I have found that dreaming like everything else in life take practice to get it right. 🙂  Even after almost seven decades on this earth I still haven’t perfected it and never really will.

Dreaming is a journey into never land where old folks are not supposed to roam. With all the troubles of life dreaming should have been strangled out of us by now.  But if you are wise, and it takes years of living to be wise, you will know that dreaming is what makes a better future possible. Even when there is not a lot of future left.


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