I’m Dreaming about Road Trips

When I was in the corporate world for thirty years I frequently traveled by air. The first trips in 1970 were pleasant. The business traveler was king of the sky. But as the years progressed flying become more and more burdensome. My last business trip by air in 2000 was a pain-in-the…  In the fifteen years hence I have made very few trips to airports. Instead I now take road trips.

Road Trips.jpg

Yeah, road trips might take a little longer, although with all the security stuff sometimes not. But if you really want to see just how wonderful and diverse this country really is you can’t visit it from thirty thousand feet above, you got to stay on the ground and of course off the Interstate highways as much as possible. Up till five years ago my wife and I took several road trips a year, now because of declining health of one of us they have been narrowed down to usually just one, or if lucky maybe two multi-day ones.

I mostly travel with history in mind. I have read ferociously about U.S. history. I  know the founding fathers and some others who I have followed intimately.  I have been in all fifty of our States so I have a lot of stories to tell here at 2TouchTheSky and in the coming months/years. There will be some stories and many pictures to help you know a little about each location and its history.

I have touched the sky many times during these trips.  The memories are etched in my mind even after so many years. Come back often for my stories. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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