Memorial Day Is Not On the Church’s Calendar

I have been holding off on this post so as not to offend some people’s views of that holiday.

My friends at Red Letter Christians have spurred me in thoughts once again. This time it is about Memorial Day. I have always found it strange that we as a nation celebrate our wars. Some even seem obsessed with them. To me war is the failure to accomplish our goals in a Christ-like manner of peace.

“Bound together by Christ, not nationality” is a real but seemingly pretty naive thinking in today’s world but that is my reality. I know I am often one who goes against the grain of conventional thinking so you should not be surprised by my words.  To even have the U.S. flag behind most church alters is wrong-headed to me. We are told that we should be children of humanity through Christ who knew no borders in his teachings.

I am a U.S. history buff in that I have read hundreds of books on the topic and have also visited hundreds of historical site throughout the country. But I purposefully avoid the monuments and battlefields of our wars. Wars are not to be celebrated, but they should be mourned for the loss of life they incur. That is what Memorial Day is to me…


4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Is Not On the Church’s Calendar

  1. RJ,

    Been very busy on my side of the internet but I have been carving out time to read everything you write. You are so correct and I appreciate the passion that you have.

    Stay well!



  2. Hi Rob, Thanks for the gracious comments. I too have been busy carving out time to do a remodel of my micro RV and taking some much needed overnight trips in it. I have much to blog about that in the coming weeks. Also taking care of my 2+ acre homestead keeps me busy this time of year. Not bad for a 70 year old. I will keep pushing in that arena and this one as long as I have the physical and mental energy…


  3. Never thought Memorial Day of anything then what the name says, “Memorial”. It is a day of remembrance for those who were lost in war. I suspect that if I were French(or any country that had a war on their soil)- that day would also be a remembrance of those who were killed just standing in place when war rolled through.
    Never attended a church that “celebrated” that people died in a war. That would be rather weird.


  4. Thanks for the thoughts Jan.. Celebrating war has always seemed strange to me but I just thought I was weird in that respect. It was nice to discover that others share my feelings in that regard. I’m not as weird as I thought I was (ha).


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