We Have Come To The Point….

Change, change, change… that seems to be our world today. While I for the most part embrace change I don’t like change simply for changes sake. That according to the source below seems to be almost where many are as technology consumers.

dIn 1984 when PCs were first on the scene I quickly embraced the technology.  But I also quickly discovered that there were many things I wanted to do with the technology that were just not possible in those years.  The hardware was just too limiting to accomplish my dreams. As time went by computing power seemed to double  year over year. My first computer has a whopping 16,000 bytes of memory, now many have 16 billion bytes.  In my days it took an 18 inch spool of magnetic tape to store a few hundred megabytes of software. I now carry around a thumb drive that has a hundred times that capacity.

You might remember the old story of the guy who wanted to close the U.S. patent office in the early 1900s because ” everything had been invented”.  What I am about to say maybe mimics that statement to a degree. I think that we have now reached a point where computer hardware has advanced enough to meet most of our daily needs.  The main reason for frequent computer upgrades in the past was to be able to handle the more sophisticated software.

I think we have reached stasis in that regard for the average person. If that is the case then why spend more money on something that we simply don’t need?  As long as my present Apple computer meets my needs I won’t be upgrading.  So, I really don’t care that Apple is not bringing out a new desktop/lap top on an annual basis.   Instead I kind of think they are being smart in moving on to other areas instead of chasing the upgrade theme.

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