When You Think Of Indiana??

ISOA Banner   I know that most people from outside the Midwest probably can’t even put Indiana in the right place on the U.S. map.  But I think when asked “How would describe Indiana?” the answer many would give is that it is a cornfield with lights.  I admit that for the most part Indiana is kind of boring.  It doesn’t have an ocean or mighty mountains. But it does touch (barely) a Great Lake and the part where I reside is pretty hilly.

On my recent uRV trip I took the quintessential picture of Indiana and thought it deserves its own post. Here you are.  This is what Indiana is really all about. 🙂


Being a lifelong Hoosier I was even kind of intimidated by the narrow one and half lane county road invaded by cornfields.  But it is beautiful in its own way isn’t it?

(click on the image if you want to see a supersize version)

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