About Those Polls

Polls used to be statistically scientific studies of trends and thoughts. Today not so much.  Due to technological changes and just plain laziness polls just don’t have the validity they once had.

2016-11-04_08-54-31.png1. Over time, the percentage of Americans who say they would participate in polls has declined significantly, from nearly one out of three in 1997 to one in 10 in 2016, according to Pew.

2. Half of American households don’t even have landlines. The younger you are, the less likely you are to have ever used a telephone with a cord attached to it.Again, pollsters try to correct for these skews by weighting and finding other ways to sample voters. But every interpolation creates additional room for error, quite apart from the survey’s statistical “margin of error.”

Source: Breaking news: The presidential race is stable

I recently discovered that many of the polls being viewed today come from internet sites which have  pointed political views. These type polls have little to do with a general population but are called “polls” so too many think they are true.

It will be interesting to see just how this election turns out on Tuesday.  Will any of the polls be accurate?  Will one side dominate or will it be a close race? I don’t put too much confidence in polls anymore but I do put confidence that most of us still cling to the idea of civility and decency so my poll says an extreme egomaniac narcissist will not be elected as leader of the free world three days from now.

3 thoughts on “About Those Polls

  1. I have to think the same thing.How anyone could elect a man with such despicable behavior and lack of morals, is just not something I can’t entertain.This election has shaken my faith in people . In general, I am an eternal optimist.It’s hard for me to believe maybe 50 % of our population is a racist and misogynist as the donald. If Hillary wins by a landslide I’ll feel better.


    1. It sounds like we are kindred spirits Madeline. You voiced my concerns precisely as I would. I have already voted and I imagine you have too…

      I am still an optimist and believe that most of us will thoroughly denounce him and his “supporters”. The media just likes to show the radicals as that raises their rating, or so they think.

      Thanks for the comments.


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