One Person, One Vote.. It Ain’t Happening..

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to vote for president in my State of Indiana.  In my thirteen times voting, only twice has my vote actually counted. Now that the lines are much longer than they used to be why even bother?

Of course we all know that the elections of 2000 and 2016 the person who got less votes became president. That has only happened four time in our nation’s history. Somehow that just doesn’t seem right in any regard.  What happened to the idea of “one person, one vote” when Wyoming residents vote counts significantly more than mine.  When will it even be possible to finally repeal this antiquated part of our election process?

I think our way of giving States, no matter their size two senators, is enough representation to insure small States get their say. Allowing them to pick our president twice already in this new century reeks of an unbalanced representation.  Even the idea of States themselves is archaic. It was pure happenstance how most of them even came into existence. Why is Wyoming even allowed to be a State when it is 75 times smaller than the State of California?  It is time for this also to change…

Democracies depend on the principles of “one person – one vote” and that just doesn’t happen anymore.  There are all kinds of different ways that we can divide into cultural centers without depending on the almost random choices of how States were formed.  It is time to rethink this and so many other of our current processes.  It is time for basic change and no I don’t mean that to be putting an abject neophyte in the White House again. I just hope we survive this one!!



2 thoughts on “One Person, One Vote.. It Ain’t Happening..

  • As far as why different states are states? How else would you hold control? Vermont is a tiny state with a tiny population – how about Rhode Island or Delaware? Maybe some states should be combined? DC got three votes and they are not even a state.
    The Democrats had control of Congress and the White House- I wonder why they did not change the system. Do you think we need to have a national registration for voting as well?


  • Hi Jan, thanks for the comments. I am pretty familiar how the states came into existence and yes I do propose that we reconfigure them for the 21st century and beyond. Its time to do it in a logical manner. I don’t think there is enough votes in either the Republican or Democratic party to accomplish that. As usual it will take some kind of catastrophe to make that happen. Something that threatens our very existence for these types of changes to happen. Given today’s political environment that could be much sooner than most of us imagine.

    As far as a national registration yeah I would favor that for national elections. There is currently too much efforts at voter restrictions now underway in States like North Carolina. It needs to be nationalized so that everyone has an equal opportunity to vote.


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