Happy New Years – March 1

Snippet Banner    No I wasn’t out till the wee hours celebrating last night. As a matter of fact I was cozy in bed by my usual 11pm. So why I am confused that the  new year begins on March 1? That is because I just came across this snippet that in early Rome the new year was celebrated on that date and that kind of seems like a better idea to me.

I just don’t like the idea of starting a new year in the depth of winter with still several months to go.  It just doesn’t seem like a celebration to me.  I think the early Romans had it right.  Start it at the first flourishes of Spring when everything it coming back to life. Now that is a time to celebrate!!!

Since I can’t make this change on my own I guess here is hoping you have a very happy new year but to do that stay away from the insane politics that is sure to come…