Why Unconditional Support??

Something that has always been unfathomable to me is the U.S. unconditional support of the state of Israel. Why do we continue to throw billions of dollars of our borrowed resources into that country year after year when in reality they almost never heed any of our advice. A two  State solution with the Palestinians is the most obvious workable solution to this decades going Middle East stuff and that seems to be something that Israel, or at least their current leader is adamantly against.

Because of our billions of dollars of annual support Israel is by far the superpower in the Middle East so I guess they think they can bully their way into whatever they want.  I know there is a strong biblical connection between Israel and Christians; is that the primary reason we don’t chastise them for anything they do and we will not allow others in the U.N. to do it either?  I also know that the Jewish lobby in this country is much more powerful than the 1% of the population they represent; is that why we give them unconditional support?

I also know Jerusalem is at the center for all three major religions in this present world  and wars have been started throughout history for control of it.  Maybe it is time to make it an international city open to all. If only the United Nations were able to accomplish that.  Another much more radical solution is to just let Israel and Iran go at it!  If they use nuclear weapons that would make that entire portion of the world uninhabitable for the next 100 years.  That is kind of the King Solomon solution isn’t it.

I just don’t know why we don’t tell them that our support has conditions. It makes no sense to me. They are not our children, they don’t need or deserve our unconditional support…


  1. Maybe because they are a republic—and not a Sharia run theocracy? In fact they are the only republic. I believe in the two state solution, but that means that the Arab states would have to acknowledge their existence. They don’t. Most refer to Israel as “Occupied Jerusalem”. In Israel, I was allowed to walk, on my own without a male family escort. In Saudi and most nearby countries – I was suspect, having to be “modestly covered”, and escorted by a male family member or subject to a camel whip or jail. They don’t have phones in their jails.
    We helped rid the Middle East of most of their dictatorships—leaving the theocracies in charge (although Jordan is a constitutional monarchy that was severely damaged by Arab Spring).
    I would like to know why we are in the Middle East at all. Maybe it is so we can drive around and live where ever we would like in the US?
    It is all about oil. War is always about the top people controlling stuff. We don’t care one iota about Sub Saharan Africa.


  2. Thanks Jan for the thoughtful comment. It adds to the discussion. Yes, I thoroughly understand that Israel is quite different from the countries around them. But that does not therefore qualify them for our unconditional support. Support yes, but support with conditions. I agree that theocracies rule in that part of the world but I have to include Israel in that group also. That is the primary reason a one-state solution will never work.

    Yeah, its about oil… but one of the good things is that it won’t be much longer that we will an importer of that product. That is if the Trump administration doesn’t kill all the advances in that area. Another thing to worry about I guess 🙂

    Thanks again my friend….


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