It’s The Democrats Fault You Lost your Health Insurance

The political spin machine is running at breakneck speed now. It doesn’t matter whether what it contains is true or not, it seems so many people believe anything that you tell them. Yeah, it’s the Democrats fault that so many millions will lose their health insurance upon the repeal of ACA…. because they shouldn’t have given it to you in the first place.

Simply speaking we need to get over the insane partisan politics of this millennium. If we don’t we will keep falling deeper into the rabbit hole as a country. When we forget that we are all in this together we start our decline into tyranny. Given the character of our current president that wouldn’t take much of a push.

But I’m sure that the logic of millions losing affordable healthcare that they shouldn’t have gotten it in the first place rings true to far too many in this post-truth era. We claim to be a Christian nation but that seems to only be in thought and not deed as far as the Evangelicals are concerned.  If we are indeed a Christian nation then we must wholeheartedly endorse Jesus’ words about being our brother’s keeper that he spoke of so many times in the red letters.

The picture below is what I am clinging to in the coming years. It is from my friends at the NPR. I am really trying very hard to believe there is good in the world…


2 thoughts on “It’s The Democrats Fault You Lost your Health Insurance

  • I live in a Trumpland area, unfortunately, and yes they will buy it that it was the democrats fault. They will refuse to ever admit that they were wrong about this man….like many religious people who refuse to consider they may be wrong in some of their condemnation because some preacher says it’s so. As I recall, many Nazis were Christian as well. Politics and religion become what people want to believe and it has nothing to do with facts. We are not a fact based creature, but an emotion based one. Facts are boring and emotion make us feel “alive”. Good education is the only thing that can overcome this and we aren’t even close in this country. Sad but true.


  • I too live in TrumpLand Mary. Intolerance and ignorance does seem to flow freely now and that is depressing. But we have to keep a positive outlook on life or we too will fall in the “Mad Max” worldview of the current Oval Office holder. Being willing to always learn something new even if others don’t is my mantra.. and your too it looks…
    Thanks for the thoughts


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