What About The Soul??

With this post I am going to go deeply into philosophy and speculate on just what is life. I couldn’t decide if this post belongs in the “That’s Life” category or “Crayon Marks” so I put it in both.  🙂

2017-02-19_10-40-15.pngMan has spent ages trying to figure out what happens after we end our life on earth.  For Christians, Jesus tells us that our spirit leaves our body and goes to what we decided to call heaven. He tells us that marriages don’t count in heaven and we will live in one of the rooms in his mansion.  I kind of put these words as what a person who has infinitely more knowledge of a subject trying to explain something to someone who is ignorant in the matter. Kind of like a space traveling alien explaining to an aboriginal person what the stars really are.  They will put it in simple terms because they know we couldn’t fathom anything more.

What is heaven?  No one on this side of life really knows. But that doesn’t keep us, including me, from speculating.  So here goes…

When I die whatever causes me to be alive will leave my body and eventually my body will disintegrate back to the dust of the earth. That is if I don’t hasten the process by cremation. 🙂  My soul, which I choose for this post to call my life spirit will go to wherever life spirits go. If it is eternal as I think it is, it will either stay there or maybe get used for another body being born. Will it have memories of my past life? I would like to think so, that’s what reincarnation is all about, but if I believe the words of Jesus that we will not be married and other such social obligations then I kind of think my spirit will just be a spirit, the essence of life.

Much of my speculation hinges on the belief that life cannot be made, instead it is created by an omnipotent being. In past ages the heart, among other body parts, was believed to be the soul of a person, that is before it was discovered that all the heart really is is a muscle that pumps blood.  If life is somehow created in a laboratory sometime in the future then my concept of life spirits would like so many past ones will be thrown aside and replaced by something else.

Does it really matter what I think the life force is?  Not really, we need to concentrate on just living it to the fullest and watching out for each other. That is the real meaning of life to me.