5star-banner We lost our beloved Beulah about three years ago now, but I still think of her quite often. She was always entangled in my feet on the couch for the occasional afternoon naps.  Whenever I said anything that even remotely sounded like “walk” she would get excited and rush to the door.   We decided not to replace her as a new canine member of the household would likely outlive us.  I have had pets all my life and although I do love Dexter, our cat, it is just not the same.

I even got to admit that I kind of miss the snow too.  We only had a one-inch day so far and with the February days in the 60s, I don’t suspect we will get another. But global warming is just a hoax..  🙂


3 thoughts on “Beulah..

  1. She was a great looking basset hound. I still miss the one I lost in January 2016. I still have two bloodhounds and a basset hound that keeps me busy and blogging. You said something I have thought about recently although I am younger than you … replacing hounds when they die. Like you I have decided not to replace mine as they pass. I’d bet I’d live 20 more years and thats plenty of room for another hound but I’ll see what the future brings.


    1. Hi again Steve. I have had many different breeds during my life but Bassets are the sweetest. I called Beulah my “shadow” as she just had to be with me all the time. We live on a country road and like several others, we got her as a stray. She was with us for six short years. Our vet said it is not unusual for Bassets to get on a smell and then forget how to get home. For that reason we went for daily walks with a leash; she loved her walks or should I say “smells”.


      1. My very first basset was a “wanderer”, he could sneak away within minutes and would be gone on a scent tracking expedition. The one I have now I bought from a rescue and they told me to leash her at all times because she was a runner. For some reason while living with me, no leash is needed even on the daily walk through 7 acres of field behind my house. But your vet is right … if they get on a scent they are in another world and have no idea you are calling them.


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