Simple Yet Evocative

Snippet Banner  I came across a blog site (The Drabble)  the other day that spoke to my heart.  Actually the site came across me by “liking” one of my very short posts. The words simple, yet evocative pieces that capture what it means to be human described the purpose of the site.  Simple yet evocative says it all for me.  It is hard to do both but when it is done successfully it is genius and many of the posts I reviewed on that blog did just that.

I have been on a “Simplicity” binge for about 5 years now. For me at least, life is just 2017-05-17_10-45-40.pnggetting too complicated even in my retirement years.  Everyone seems to be on a razor’s edge now and can’t see much joy in life. Since this is the only go-around we have if you waste your life with worry and fear it is indeed wasted and gone forever. It is definitely time for simplicity in my, and most others’ lives.

Getting back to the theme of this post. Simple yet evocative, is something that is very difficult to do.  One of my favorite sayings is from a folk singer legend Pete Seeger:

Any damn fool can get complicated. It takes a genius to obtain simplicity.

It is easy to make things complicated. Just look at all those yahoos inside the Washington DC beltway for evidence of that. We need folks who can take complicated and give us simple answers.   That is what most of those who voted for the current president were hoping for but the rest of us knew he was just too flawed to actually live up to any of his hyper rhetoric.

We also need simplicity from ourselves.  Your life is not really as complicated as you think it is. Millions and millions of people have faced the same struggles as you are and still found joy and happiness and that is what I personally intend to do for my remaining years.

I naively think I will take a serious crack at  Simple yet evocative here on RJsCorner. I think that melds very well with my desire to write some prose.  Simple yet evocative is difficult to achieve but I think I am up to it.  How about you??

3 thoughts on “Simple Yet Evocative

  • Things need to be as simple as possible to fix the problem (or whatever) but no simpler. There is a temptation to over simplify a solution to complex problems in an effort to get “something” done – and that’s the problem. It is considered “done” vs the first step to a more complex, but workable for as many people as possible, solution. And where we try and solve everybody’s problems (perfection) becomes the enemy of the good solution.
    This is not easy.


  • Hi Bob and welcome to RJsCorner. I certainly understand where you are coming from. But I stand by most solutions are simple in nature BUT the solutions to many of today’s problems are actually many different problems that must be solved a piece at a time. For instance, crime is not “a” problem but many different problems that result in breaking the law. There is no silver bullet so to speak. We will likely never solve any of today’s major problems unless we recognize this fact.


    • Thanks- have stopped by before but this was my first comment. I think we are similar in that I’m almost 70 retired engineer and live near Indy – having recently moved after 30 years in Texas. Wife is from South Bend and has family close so we moved back. I grew up (barely) in upstate NY but did college in Angola. I spend my life with ADD so understand about the Aispy – ADD is related. Glad your head surgery was successful – that is some scary stuff.
      I agree about silver bullets to fix stuff (except maybe werewolves 🙂 ). I spent the last 15 years of my career doing cybersecurity and everybody wants the sliver bullet to make them secure – there is not one thing that will make you secure but requires a full complement of solutions layered on to achieve some level of security – you are never secure.

      Maybe better the solution my be simple in nature but the implementation is where the complexity comes into play.


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