Celebrating Bad Grammar??

HavingMySay Banner    canstockphoto21440849.jpg I ran across a blog site today that celebrates bad grammar.  The author claimed that using proper grammar was just too conformist. He wants to be a radical so he uses bad grammar. I kinda think that he has a deeper underlying reason?

Celebrating our mistakes in life leads to nothing more than going deeper and deeper down the well. Eventually we run out of light to even find our way back.

It’s kind of like that cable show that celebrates obesity. I think it is called something like “My Big Beautiful Life”. The star dances around, at least until she runs out of breath, as if to celebrate that she is 100 lbs over weight.  She claims she never wants to be “normal”.

Next thing you know someone will show up celebrating cancer or pedephilia.

I have always said the the true source of these kind of things is simply laziness.  Too many of us just don’t want to do the work to make ourselves better than we are. It seems that is a sad fact of life in today’s world.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Bad Grammar??

  • Just some more people that will end up with low paying meaningless jobs or on welfare. What businesses would hire this, if they wanted to succeed, that is. Yes laziness, but more… stupidity.

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    • Thanks for the thoughts Mary. I can see your point of view to a degree but I can also see that maybe this person is just a rebellious teenager who desperately wants to be different. That teenage characteristic doesn’t seem to change much from one generation to another.

      Stupidity??? I guess all of us show stupidity at one time or another in our lives, but that doesn’t mean that it is a permanent state.


  • Hi RJ,
    I enjoy your blog- we’re around the same age. I was born in 1947. I still work and was at a meeting Friday with a young recent college graduate. Twice she told me “she seen this watch she just had to buy for her mother for Mother’s Day.” I so wanted to correct her but just couldn’t do it. Sad…she obviously missed that lesson in school…

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  • Welcome to RJsCorner Nan, it is good to have you here. Yeah, it is tempting to correct on the spot but that usually doesn’t have the results we expect. We have been out of school for forever so maybe we missed the change. 🙂


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