I Am What I Am…

I think it is time to take a step back and try to explain again just what RJsCorner is all about.

If you have read any of RJsCorner you know that I am not a niche blog. I cover a wide variety of topics. The spread at any one time is dependent on what I am currently thinking about and the topic Having My Say allows me to do just that.

My In Search of America topic is meant to mellow out RJsCorner so that it isn’t always questioning things.  I hope at least some of you enjoy those posts as much as I enjoy making them. I have traveled extensively around this country, primarily by car and RV and visited many different sites. These trips are the genesis of InSearchOfAmerica.

canstockphoto7378529.jpgFinally getting to the point of this post, as my About page says I am a child of my experiences during the past seven decades. It is what I blog about. Some of you might recognize the title above as coming from Popeye The Sailor Man.  He never claimed to be anyone but who he was and I have also taken up that same mantel in life. At times in my life I have struggled with the thoughts that I just don’t see things as many others do.  That has bothered me but sometime ago I finally accepted the fact that I am who I am.

I am a deaf man with significant Asperger’s characteristics so I think I have a pretty unique perspective of life.  For me the things that make sense in this world are things that are logical.  Lying and pretending to be something you are not are probably my biggest turn-offs. Those topics have made me somewhat obsessed with Evangelicals who seem to ignore the words of Jesus, and a president who almost proudly lies on a daily basis.  I know I may be concentrating more on those two topics than is good for me or this blog right now but I am what I am so try to be patient with me.  🙂

Hopefully in the near future things will start to balance out.  The Irish oddsmakers give the current Oval Office holder a 50% chance of surviving his first year in office and the odds go down from there.  Maybe this madness in Washington will not stretch out to the scheduled four years and we can get back to some normalcy in our government processes and my blogging here on RJsCorner. Maybe we can finally get to improving things instead of just tearing them up.

Thanks for hanging out with me….

6 thoughts on “I Am What I Am…

  1. I’ve been missing some posts as I deal with some health issues, both my own and those of a brother who is in his final illness. I always enjoy your unique view of the world and your emphasis on honesty, justness, and logical thinking.


  2. I prefer a blog that shoots straight from the hip. You seem to “own” your words, thoughts, and opinions, and I’m happy to visit again and again to see what you’re up to. I never feel as if you are cramping anything down my throat. I do feel that looking at the world from your perspective helps to keep me open minded. Thank you!!!


    1. I do try to be a straight shooter and of course I speak my mind without a lot of reservation while at the same time respecting the person I am talking about that is if he show respect for others. Some are into things totally for themselves and that also is a turn-off for me.

      I’m glad you enjoy my posts and that you add your thoughts to the discussion. That is the best kind of reader there is.

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