Well Then Don’t…

canstockphoto999839.jpgThe GOP and particularly the Evangelical segment seems to be against so many things. Anything to do with below the belt issues or invented since the Victorian age they are against. You name it and they seem to be against it.  There is a simple solution to this. If you are against it then just don’t do it.

  • If you believe it is wrong to eat meat then don’t do it, but don’t expect everyone to follow suit.
  • If you think it is wrong to date and especially marry a person from another race then don’t do it, but don’t expect everyone to follow suit..
  • If you think people should not choose their gender identity then don’t do it, but don’t expect everyone to follow suit..

This list could go on and on but I suspect you get the idea. For the most part each of us, at least in a recent version of our country, has a basic freedom to choose what we want to believe and what we want to do.  No one can demand that everyone believe as they do.  In Iran then the supreme leader tells the people what to do but that doesn’t happen here. You can be against all you want as long as long as you don’t try to force others to think likewise.

Of course there are exceptions to this. The old saying that you are not allowed to yell “Fire” in a crowded theatre applies here.  Some other things we are not allowed to do are for public safety and other common corporate issues.  No one likes to stop at a STOP sign but we must do it in order to keep from killing each other.  Our Constitution demands that the “rule of law”, at least until recently, must be applied equally across all segments of our society.

Constitutional freedoms form the bedrock of our society. Quit messing around with them to fit your theological beliefs… Iran is a theocracy, we are not and hopefully never will be.

3 thoughts on “Well Then Don’t…

  1. I know you probably get tired of me commenting so much, but your posts click with me, other than you’re much more optimistic than I am.
    The far right Evangelicals and Fundamentalists are ruining religion and trying to ruin our country. Have you heard of dominion Christianity? Something to do with making theology (theirs) rule of law and making the US much like Iran and other Mideast countries and instead of their Sharia law it will be Christian (again their view) law. The very thing they profess to be against.
    And I’ve also read many far right Christians not only believe the end times ( more crazy thinking) are coming, but they want to hurry it along..It doesn’t matter that the rest of us are pretty content with our lives, thank you.
    Where are the more moderate progressive Christians? Why don’t they speak up against these groups? And why ARE Christians so obsessed with gender issues? And why such racism in some groups? And anti science and anti climate change? Maybe regular churches would get more attendance if they spoke against this mindset and could start to turn it around…just saying.


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