Science Is Not The Enemy Of The Church..

Being an engineer I consider myself a scientist and I can tell you first-hand that I felt very much attacked whenever I brought up science in my weekly bible classes. In that church the word “scientist” and “liberal” seemed to have an equally negative bias and I was both! I could never understand why so many were threatened when I asked questions based on scientific knowledge. If I did that it seemed I was immediately labeled a heretic. I found out my feeling were by no means unique. Here are some words about that from a book called Saving Jesus From The Church by Robin Meyers.

2017-10-23_15-37-24.pngIt is not the case that faith is more pure when it is uninformed or when it turns away from critical thinking and sound reasoning as threats to the life of the spirit. Science is not the enemy of faith, but rather its handmaiden. More threatening to the future of faith is the fear of what can be known as well as the search to know more. In fact, the ongoing suspicion that scientific discoveries or rigorous biblical scholarship will undermine faith is a tacit admission that faith is threatened by knowledge, because it is ultimately constructed on weak or faulty assumptions and, like the proverbial house of cards, needs to be “protected” from collapsing.

I am a strong believer that scientific knowledge is a gift from God. He gives it to us as we are ready to receive it. The Gnome project is an example. Many in the church today see science as an enemy of religion. One of the main reasons for that it is a threat to those who want to take the Bible literally and claim that the earth is a mere six thousand years old.  They maintain this position by counting back from Jesus to Adam and Eve. They believe that every generation has been accounted for in the Bible. When they see the overwhelming evidence that the earth is at least millions of years old they counter with “well, that is just God trying to trick us”. Why would God even bother to do that?

One book that I admire in this area is by Francis Collins entitled: The Language of God. It provides the best argument for the integration of faith and logic since C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity . Here are some of the words about this book on Amazon.  I highly recommend it to anyone willing to possibly admit that science is not the enemy of faith.One of the great divides in the church could be overcome if we got one thing straight: the truth of which Jesus speaks is wisdom incarnate, not intellectual assent to cogent arguments made on behalf of God. …

It has long been believed that science and faith cannot mingle. Faith rejects the rational, while science restricts us to a life with no meaning beyond the physical. It is an irreconcilable war between two polar-opposite ways of thinking and living. Written for believers, agnostics, and atheists alike, The Language of God provides a testament to the power of faith in the midst of suffering without faltering from its logical stride. Readers will be inspired by Collin’s personal story of struggling with doubt, as well as the many revelations of the wonder of God’s creation that will forever shape the way they view the world around them.


  1. I saw a book recommended on another blog I follow Called Fantasyland. You might want to check it out. The truth is the truth even if no one believes it. Truth is indifferent to the follies, fears and superstitions of man


    • If you mean Saving Jesus from the Church”, yes. I read a wide variety of books in this venue. I also read the one by Francis Collins who headed up the Genome project and “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis.


  2. After Ragnarok and ‘The Big Bang’, and GOD’S Rebirth Plan, came DOGMATIC Tyrannical Religious Beliefs that had to be Defended to the DEATH. Genome Memories from The FIRST BATTLE between Good & Evil Entities (GERMS).

    Religious Fervour was not GOD’S creation but HE and HIS TRUSTED SPIRIT People had to become SPIRITUAL LEADERS who Gradually made a Difference.
    They became POWERFUL, GENTLE Examples of All HEAVEN’S SPIRITUAL DEITY who were/are GREATLY LOVED.

    On the other hand – SCIENCE is all to do with GOD AND HIS ALMIGHTY COSMOS – Beloved Brother of HIS.


    • I’ve jumped in with two left Feet, haven’t I.
      I was excited with Mary’s contribution and the fact that you also have a Science background.
      It gave me confidence to Trust my Guide.
      Even gorgeous Religious DOGMA Ministers hide behind their Vows of SILENCE, in the face of their perceived Enemies.

      I could have written this on your post –
      ‘The Truth And The Untruth Lay On The Same Level’, but it only makes sense adding it here.
      After Ragnarok –
      Who survived life’s dying ember?
      When fanned new circles of life remember. . .
      (Believe me or not, I am a Sibyl, and JOHN assures me that you are HIS Beloved Brother.)


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