China And The US.. A Perfect Storm..

To get started, let’s look at how Wikipedia  defines “a perfect storm”:

A “perfect storm” is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically.

I think the idea of a perfect storm is where we likely are in world events today.  China is aching to take over as “the” world leader while at the same time the current US administration is shrinking into a protectionist mode and recklessly abandoning its responsibilities in that regard. We are headed for a perfect storm and much sooner than many might anticipate.

Let’s look at some of the circumstances that is making this change of leadership possible:

2017-10-23_11-07-47.pngIf you have had your head in the sand as far as China is concerned you need to look at it in the light of today.  They are spending way more than the US when it comes to infrastructure. Their hydroelectric projects alone dwarf anything that we are doing.  Their GDP growth makes our’s seem miniscule. In fact the coming year will see China’s GDP exceed ours and the trend is ever increasing after that. It is expected that China’s GDP will be double ours within four years.

China is pushing big time to be the world leader in electric cars, solar and wind power. They realize that is the future of our energy needs. Building the world’s largest hydroelectric dam was the beginning of this movement to a limitless clean energy source. Since things are moving at such a rapid pace in these technologies I fret to see the damage that the current federal administration will do in the 38 months they have left in office.  I just hope that America’s private enterprise at  least makes a meager attempt to keep up with China in this area.  If they don’t we could be in serious trouble in the coming decades and maybe centuries.

In summary, maybe our time as world leaders has appropriately come to an end.   Rome had their day, England had theirs, so maybe it is time for the mantel to pass. If China is to take over that role I hope the their leaders are up to the task. Obviously ours have not been lately.


  1. Oh this is such a prophetic post and there’s such a sentiment that everything that goes up must come down, but I will harp on the same things that I always do. Greed, anti science, anti climate change, religious fundamentalism and failure to recognize the world is changing and we must change with it or be willing to become lesser of a country with far less influence in the world. This is the core beliefs of the Republican followers especially the rabid Trump supporters with their antiquated views and their heads buried in the sand.

    I believe back around 1100 AD the Muslim world was at their height in science and progress, but along came some Iman and he decided religion would rule and some of those countries have never come back to this day. Religious fanaticism ruined them. Are we to follow in those footsteps?

    I also believe this happened to China long long ago too and they became isolationists. But now they are poised for great growth and progress once more. So maybe way way down the road the US will get its act together again, but I won’t see it, nor generations still to follow. It saddens me that there are people that actually support Trump and the Republicans and can’t see the damage they are inflicting on all of us.


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